Cosmic Underground Northside

Cosmic Underground Northside

An Incantation of Black Canadian Speculative Discourse and Innerstandings

Nalo Hopkinson


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Cosmic Underground Northside operates as a seminal collection consisting of works from cross-generations and pan-national Black creatives and cultural producers from Canada. This generous book offers a glimpse of different innerstandings, a profound comprehension or conviction within one's spirit or soul. We consider the following: what does Afrofuturism look like from a Canadian perspective? What are the unique elements of artistic expression in Black Canadian art? Considering Canada's history on Indigenous land, how do Black Canadians imagine their future in a colony that promotes erasure, yet claims multiculturalism? So ah wah dis? Qu'est-ce que c'est? Kisa sa ye? Cosmic Underground Northside: An Incantation of Black Canadian Speculative Discourse and Innerstanding is an archival book comprised of diasporic dialogues around liberation and spirituality. Significant contributions of poems, lyrics, prose, short stories and other expressive forms of literature along with vibrant illustrations, photographs, posters, mixed-media digital and analog rendered artworks by over 100 talented, gifted Black Canadian scholars and creatives. This is who we are.


Nalo Hopkinson:
Zainab Amadahy is an author of screenplays, nonfiction, and futurist fiction including the cult classic, Moons of Palmares. She also co-authored Indigenous and Black Peoples in Canada. In her role as Intergenerational Sharing Facilitator at Children's Peace theatre, Zainab connects Elders and seniors with Black and Indigenous youth who are exploring healing and decolonization through artistic processes. She lives in Toronto.
Nalo Hopkinson is a Jamaican-born Canadian writer and editor. Her debut novel Brown Girl in the Ring was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award and received the Locus Award for Best New Writer. She is also the author of Midnight Robber, Skin Folk While, The Salt Roads, The New Moon's Arms, and Sister Mine. She lives in Riverside, California.