Rise of Atlantis

Rise of Atlantis

Young Gods

Robert Estape


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Zach is a brilliant teen and much more than meets the eye. He’s actually a demigod and the newest member of a secret sect of technologically enhanced young men and women called Olympians. They follow in the footsteps of the extraterrestrial mythological gods of ancient Greece who terraformed and colonized planet Earth.

Zach and his fellow divine descendants must continue the work of the ancients to save the planet from ecological disasters and intervene in human affairs, preserving all life at home and in the galaxy. However, Zach is a teenager, and he still struggles with teenage problems like infatuation and dealing with an overprotective mother.

In the face of environmental and other calamities, these gods, transhumans, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence work behind the scenes in anonymity to save humanity. However, will there come a time when a madman or woman, a fed up god, or an unfeeling AI, or an alien decides humanity isn’t worth saving? Zach and his cohorts must keep that from happening.


Robert Estape:

Robert Estape studied literature and creative writing at Florida International University before joining the United States Navy and later graduating with honors as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. He has practiced internal medicine for thirty years. He is board certified in anti-aging, nutritional, and functional medicine. He has worked as a gynecology oncology clinician and surgical assistant, including robotic surgeries, for the last eleven years. He is also a patented inventor, a published author, a medical consultant, a health insurance agent, a radiation technologist, a certified food management specialist, and a grocery/restaurant owner.