The Eye of Venus

The Eye of Venus

Book One of the Eye of Venus Trilogy

Lawrence Martin Cooper


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This book, ‘The Eye of Venus’, is Book One of a trilogy. The other books are entitled ‘Twenty Years On’ and ‘The Return to Chiaros’. This series, set hundreds of years ahead from now, and on another planet, is what I call (soft) Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Science and history are background to the story. The story is of a quest for an emerald, a special emerald. The emerald is part of a device that was used for inter-realm passage. The main competitors are Satanic forces, and a secret Catholic Church organization known as Probono Dei.


Lawrence Martin Cooper:
Lawrence Martin Cooper was born in Central Ohio. He has lived in several states, and abroad. His employment history is in International Banking, and then Education. Retired now, he enjoys writing, gardening, reading, and listening to music—Classical and New Age. His education background is philosophy and history. He has previously published through Xlibris a collection of poetry entitled ‘In the Course of Things’. He is a lay Buddhist.