The Magical Adventures of Sadie and Seeds

The Magical Adventures of Sadie and Seeds

The Beginning

C. Eidson


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Sadie lost her way one day, trotting down the street to play.

The sun was shining, she had to know. Where will this fun day go?

This sweet little lab, where will it lead?

When all of the sudden, rolled out a green melon, who Sadie now calls Seeds!

What a special new friend so green and round.

Crazy new adventures will be abound.

Let's go to the park!

Let's go to the zoo!

Sadie knew she could bark but, do cows really moo?

Sadie will trot and Seeds will roll. This friendly pair, where will they go?

Come along with them and enjoy the ride.

Sadie and Seeds will be side by side.


C. Eidson:

For the majority of C. Eidson’s life, she has worked in the childcare profession, a legacy that she will forever be proud of. Through her books she hopes to continue impacting children's lives through her storytelling and their imaginations. Here she created a twist on a magical rhyming adventure with a series called The Magical Adventures of Sadie and Seeds.