Becoming the Butterfly

Becoming the Butterfly

A Mosaic of Little Fragments of the Human Heart and Soul

Aanya Ebrahim


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You do not just snap your fingers one day and become the butterfly. It takes time, patience and self-growth. This book is a journey, a mosaic made from little fragments of my heart and soul, pieces of my intentions, hopes and dreams. It’s been divided into four sections; The Caterpillar, The Cocoon, Metamorphosis and The Butterfly. I’ve filled each one up with pieces of poetry, tales from my own life and stories that have reached me through word of mouth, recollections of days that have felt like storms and others that have felt like summer. Rants and ramblings of my perceptions of the world, facts and truths of (my) life, and letters of all the things I want to say - cryptically addressed to all the people I want to say them to. For quite a while, this book has held me. And now, it is yours to make your own. I hope that somewhere in between these pages, you feel less alone. And I hope you become the most beautiful butterfly.